What is AngularJS and Why it is Mostly Used in Development Companies

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Hello, my dear readers! In my opinion, in our time it is very useful and important to understand how different applications are being developed. AngularJS was released quite some time ago and it has gained great popularity in the web development industry. Therefore, today I would like to tell you some information about this framework.

AngularJS is a JavaScript open-source framework originally created by Google, who still supports it. Front-end developers widely use AngularJS to produce user interfaces worldwide.

AngularJS offers a wide range of functionalities, features, and benefits. But the main idea of Angular is combining well-known elements, patterns and development practices in one framework that is simple to use and encourages following the best practices of web development. With the help of AngularJS, you can build single-page apps or one-page applications.

There are a lot of reasons why AngularJS is mostly used in development companies:


Security is one of the most important concerns for enterprises.  Most businesses are focusing more and more on data security, easy access to their channels, distributors and sales team.

2.The two-way (dual) data binding

The two-way data binding is a quite good feature of AngularJS. It means that any changes in the app will affect the user interface and vice versa. With AngularJS the user’s actions, as well as the module changes, happen simultaneously.

3.Building a single page application

AngularJS is extensively used for composing a single page application (SPA). SPA is a fast-rising task and the programmers will be specialized and have customizable themes in viewing SPA in a single page. More control over form validation abilities is given by using this framework for a SPA.

4.The MVC Architecture

MVC (Model-View-Controller) is also a design pattern for improving user-interfaces. When you have used AngularJS app development at least once, you can use the maximum availability of Model View Controller (MVC), because Angular is equipped with the ability to string or join the application code together. It saves a lot of time needed for development.

5.Ivy Renderer

It is an awesome feature that became available with Angular 6. Ivy Renderer translates an app’s components and templates into JavaScript code that can be displayed by a browser. Ivy deletes unnecessary code to make it clearer and smaller. As a consequence, web applications load quicker.6

6.Declarative User Interface

AngularJS uses HTML for identifying an application`s UI. HTML is a declarative, intuitive and less complicated language than JavaScript. You should not spend much time on the program flows and what loads the first. All you ought to do is just to define what you need and Angular will do the rest.

7.Provides filters

Filters in AngularJS help a lot when you need to transform stored data in Angular responsive designs. Different filters for numbers, uppercase, lowercase, currency, date, and so on are offered by the AngularJS directory. Furthermore, you can create your own filter by registering a new filter factory.

8.Great community support

Being developed by Google, AngularJS can be proud of huge community support. Therefore, this framework is continuously improving. There is a great number of developers from all over the world, who are ready to help you if you face some kind of problem. Besides, these developers regularly organize various conferences for AngularJS. Many IT companies from different parts of Earth are invited there.

What is AngularJS and Why it is Mostly Used in Development Companies

So, you see that there are many reasons for AngularJS to be such a popular framework. You may think what AngularJS is used for. I can gladly give you examples where this framework suits best. AngularJS would be the best variant if you are looking for:

  • Video streaming apps
  • eCommerce and mCommerce
  • User-review applications
  • Travel apps
  • Weather apps
  • Social apps
  • User-generated content portals

Surely, there are some projects, where it is better not to use AngularJS. These are Games apps, heavy analytics apps (this framework completely fails when it is required to do computationally intensive math processes) and when it is an overkill.

As AngularJS ensures many benefits to developers, a large number of popular companies choose this tool for their projects. Below, I provide you with the list of such companies:

  • Amazon
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube for PS3
  • Google
  • PayPal
  • Lego
  • Upwork
  • and many, many others.

To summarize, I would like to say that AngularJS has a great number of benefits. Developers like to use it, because it is easy to learn and it saves their time. I have given you only the main reasons why it is so popular. I hope this post also helps you to understand where to use this framework. Thank you for reading! Wish you all the best! Bye!