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“6 months in lockdown!!! How is survival possible? Thanks to the mobile application development companies.”

During the breeze of pandemic COVID-19, outdoor activities were jammed. COVID has carried the world to a stop stage. Each flourishing business sector has taken a plunge over the most recent couple of months. The securities exchange everywhere in the world had slammed. Individuals working in the organizations whether little or enormous enterprises are being laid off in huge numbers.  But the mobile application development companies faced an increased market rate as mobile usage increased in pandemic. Moreover, App development services are no more restricted towards marketing platforms; they became our regular use in lockdown.

This blog will highlight some of the major mobile application development services offered by companies which made our survival possible.


Grocery apps met with a huge increase in download and usage because of their on-time delivery, payment methods and quick services.

It was reported that downloads of grocery apps hit 106 million between 26th March and 4th April.

Even so, many people started business in mobile application development by bringing their business into this field.


Mobile application development services for designing games increased to a high rate. People used gaming apps to keep themselves active. Most people relied on multiplayer and online games to stay connected with their family and friends. People used apps for entertainment when the cinemas closed their doors.


Due to shifting of education from face-to-face to online medium, the education became dependent on mobile apps. Many mobile application development were used by people to continue their education. Online courses apps, language learning and working-class apps witnessed an increase surge in downloads.


Lockdown forced business to shift to online medium so remote conducted meetings through highly smooth applications to avoid disruptions. These mobile applications made it possible to continue sharing of files and transferring data files to clients and employees.


Although social media apps have always remained part of our lives, during COVID-19 Pandemic it played an important role, not just for entertainment but also for communication. With a rise in social distancing, people looked out for new ways to connect specially through video call.

In a survey conducted by U.S 2020, it was reported that around 47.6% of adults in the United States were using different mobile applications for video calling.

These applications made life comfortable due to constant connection and exciting updates.

From all this discussion it is concluded that mobile application development has helped people in completing their chores from their homes. Mobile applications are now entering every field of our lives. If you want to develop an app for your business or any purpose, contact us. DXB APPS are providing their users with the best app development services as perfection is the passion.