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You own a small-scale business or an enterprise-level business having its online presence is essential. Every potential customer searches for a website while searching for products or services. And if it is reasonably easy to locate and access you over the internet, your chances of sale will rise greatly.

The majority of purchases on the internet have fundamentally changed the marketing dynamics and a well-developed and managed website is one of our most successful and lasting ways to attract potential customers. You can build a durable brand image with an appropriate name from a marketing point of view.

Importance of domain name

For the online presence of a business, domain names are essential at a fundamental level because, without them, internet addressing is not very effective. The Internet address is a single string, with four digitals, separated by intervals, such as Given that it would be almost impossible to remember the IP addresses of all your favorite websites, a group of computer scientist has developed the domain name system (DNS) to assign a single name to each numbered IP address.

However, domain names are not just a technical shortcut. For your company, a short, memorable domain name may mean the difference between a good web presence, and getting lost in cyberspace.

A domain name lends instant prestige to your company and places you in the same online marketplace as your biggest rivals. It communicates that you are serious about your business and assists online shoppers and consumers in seeing you as a forward-thinking organization that is easily accessible online. It’s the road that leads people to your website, where they can learn more about your company and buy your goods and services.

The right domain will make the difference between having a vibrant online presence and getting lost in cyberspace by building your brand and creating a positive image for your company.

Talking about the right domain .com is the most used domain in the web hosting industry. It is the oldest and the most used top-level domain.

The .com domain


The top-level domain (TLD) extension .com is commonly used. It encompasses all types of websites, including business and personal websites, blogs, portfolios, and almost everything in between. suffix is typically associated with goods or services. “Commercial” is abbreviated as “com.”

The .com domain is most preferred because of the following reasons:

The .com has the highest recall rate of any domain extension. Almost anyone who uses the internet is familiarized with the term “dot com.” A site with a less well-known domain extension may lack the same level of trustworthiness as one with a .com extension.

Default Extension: Many browsers today search for the dot com extension by default, even though you type “website” into the address bar instead of “” As a result, rather than receiving an error message, your users will still be able to access your website if it has a dot com extension.

Domain name resale value: You might not be purchasing a domain name with the intention of selling it. However, if you ever want to sell your domain name, a .com extension will almost certainly get you the best deal.

Buying a .com domain name at Rs. 99*.

A domain name can be obtained in two ways. You can choose the option that best fits your needs.

  1. MilesWeb offers a free domain name on Tyro, Swift and Turbo hosting plans along with cheap cpanel hosting as well.

You’ll need website hosting and a domain name to create a website.

When you’re new to website growth, this can be a little perplexing. Make sure you understand the distinction between a domain name and web hosting.

In web hosting, you get server resources and server space with the domain name. Whereas when you buy a domain name you only buy the domain name from the hosting service provider. A web hosting plan may be cost-effective than getting a domain name.

Fortunately, MilesWeb has come up with the best ever .COM domain offers.

  1. Register a Domain Name with MilesWeb

You can also register a domain name and build a website later if you don’t want to make one right now.

For this, domain .com is suggested. MilesWeb provides features such as private registration, simple transfers, and simple DNS management.


MilesWeb’s best .com domain offer at Rs. 99*.

The big bang offer is named as 99NotOut offer. The .com domain offer is valid till 30th June 2021

  • On one year .com domain subscription, you pay Rs.850.
  • On two year .com domain subscription, you pay Rs.1199 (1st Year Rs.99*& 2nd Year Rs.1100)
  • On three .com domain subscription, you pay Rs.1999 (1st Year Rs.99*, 2nd & 3rd Year Rs.950)

MilesWeb enables you to search for the right top-level domain for your business. MilesWeb is probably the best domain provider in the market. The company is providing everyone with the biggest opportunity ever. Grab the offer and give your website the name of your choice.