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Hiring a professional graphic designer vs. an amateur – The difference

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Saving money by hiring an amateur designer is actually a mirage. In fact, you are not saving any money instead it will cost you more with the designs that don’t communicate to the right audience. But hiring experts opens an avenue for you to rake in more money by driving in more sales. You have all the reasons to hire an expert graphic designer compared to low-cost counterparts. Startups, agencies, and nonprofits organization tend to hire low cost amateur graphic designers thinking they are saving cost, but they are not. They end up with a website design that does not communicate or even reflect their pitch.

Startups who fear to get indebted because of limited capital tend to skimp when hiring a graphic designer and put in a considerable budget to other areas like distribution and production. But they should try out outsourcing graphic designs from companies like The Logo Company | TLC services for reasonable graphic design costs and still add the right value to the brand, with their pool of graphic designers complete to get you covered on any subject. It is time startups consider graphic design a priority and avoid skimping when hiring one. The truth of the matter remains; you get what you pay for in return. Poor graphics have a long term impact on your business when your brand is misrepresented.

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Here are the differences between professional and amateur graphic designers:


Quality graphic designs aren’t for aesthetics; they convert leads into paying customers. That’s why, while designing any asset for your company, quality should be of utmost importance. Hiring an amateur means you risk having final designs with low resolution due to limited experience in the design space. On the other hand, a professional graphic designer will give you elegant designs that speak out your brand unapologetically. Experts have a way to intuit designs that will call customers to action with less effort. After all, graphics are meant for marketing purposes.


Cost is one primary reason why businesses hire amateur graphic designers in the first place. Startups think they are saving on the cost, but in the end, they are putting their businesses in jeopardy. When recruiters hire from an online marketplace like Upwork, the cost may pile up, for example, they pay a three per cent processing fee on top of the graphic designer bid price. Additionally, recruiters are charged an extra twenty per cent when their clients reach a certain threshold. And it is challenging to find the right freelancer with the right skills for your design job. Amateurs offer reasonably low-cost prices for their services, and that’s why many businesses go for them.


Time is gold and of the essence to any startup or company. Wasted time means other facets of your business delays as well. Every department should collaborate with graphic designers to ensure tasks are delivered on time because if an area delays, the other departments are affected too. A delayed advert material will affect marketing campaign schedule, especially when working with inexperienced graphic designers.