Email List Management – An Introduction

With an extensive email list, business owners are generally occupied with growing their email list, number of followers they attract, number of people subscribing to their channel.

And the term email list management does not even make it to their glossary.

How well do you engage with each of your prospects?

The truth is you cannot engage with everyone. Hence it is essential to segment your audience and identify people who are not engaging with your email communication.

At this point, you would need email list management. This practice makes sure that you properly collect prospect’s data, your email list is healthy, that all your email reaches the inbox.

This article will walk you through some email list management ideal practices.

With all the email addresses of your prospects, you would be able to build your prospect list.

Email address lookup – How to do that?

If you are facing any challenges in finding your prospect’s email address, I would suggest you try an email address lookup tool such as

This tool uses machine-learning algorithms besides big data algorithms to locate the correct email format.

It would be best if you tried this tool to see the result by yourself. Initially, start with the free plan and then go for the paid plan as per your requirement.

So that was a great tip.

Now let’s see about email list management.

Email list management – What’s that?

Email list management is a strategy where you manage and control your email subscribers.

When you manage your email list properly, you would be able to send highly targeted, personalized email, that’s essential to deliver engaging and successful email campaign.

Advantages of email list management

  • Email list management helps you with taking your business ahead of other companies in your industry.
  • A good understanding of your prospects helps you to, in fact, identify the segment of the audience, bringing the maximum value to your brand.
  • You will have a clean and healthy database with no unengaged audience or fake email addresses.
  • You could lessen your marketing cost because many emails service providers charge based on the size of your email list.

I hope you now have an understanding of email list management. Now let us look into the ideal practices;

  • Always make sure that your signup forms are set up correctly. Be transparent and specific about what your prospects are subscribing for.

Do not make a false commitment to getting people signing up for your email.

  • Verify the email address with confirmed opt-in

You must verify your prospects’ email addresses with a verification process where your prospects will receive an email with a link to confirm their email id.

Only upon verifying their email address will they be able to subscribe to your email.

  • Make a good impression on your newly subscribed prospects by sending a whole onboarding sequence email or welcome email.

You may thank them for joining your email list.

  • Segment your database to carry out targeted campaigns and get more engagement.
  • Remove the unengaging prospects from your database.

Final Thoughts

When you apply these practices, you are sure to keep your prospects satisfied with your good service and email database clean.

Use Online Marketing to grow Muay Thai business

Online marketing has become an inevitable source of lead generation techniques. Once you develop an online presence, people will start reaching you to consult about Thailand’s Muay Thai training camp.

Potential buyers would show enthusiasm to join the training camp during their travel to Thailand. Locals looking for a good Muay Thai camp nearby may find your marketing content or the website online during the search and end up being the participants in your camp.

Opportunities are endless once you start running an online marketing campaign. Different groups of users would show interest in the training camp.

Muay Thai is already a well-known sport in the world. When people search for the training camp nearby, your web presence gives you an advantage over the competition and drives the people to your center.

Growing competition might have made the journey a little challenging, but there is always a way to see the path in the dark and find the shortcut to be number one.

Start applying these techniques and see the difference by yourself.

Website promotion

Web presence is crucial for businesses. The modern generation prefers to analyze the company before they contact the service provider.

The website will be your web platform where people visit and read information about the training camp, services you offer, packages, pricing, and other essential facilities available in the training camp.

The site will build confidence in the users and make them feel comfortable spending money in your business.

Digital Marketing

Use the digital platform to influence the potential buyers and divert them to the website page. Interest users will put the inquiry when they find value in your services. Digital marketing has no border restrictions.

Reach global users and make them aware of your presence in Thailand. Tourists who plan to visit Thailand may participate in the Muay Thai training during their tour, and you will have your customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has become the backbone of the website. Put some effort in the content writing and SEO optimization of the website. Build quality back links to pass the link juice and grow organic ranking. SEO brings potential customers from the Google search.

Interest users who are looking for a camp in Thailand would research on Google. When they see your site appearing on the top search result, they will visit the page and submit the inquiry or call you on the given number to find the training schedule.

Once you achieve the number one spot in the search engine ranking, your business will experience steady growth and a consistent flow of new inquiries coming from the Search engines.

New Technology

Be alert about the new development in the world of technology. The new technology helps businesses to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Once the technology is available for the users, adopt it instantly and test it for your business to see how it will help you to drive more customers.

Mobile applications, automated software, messaging software are used to drive visitors and gain exposure on the broader market. Companies that thrive longer are the ones that adopt the technology quickly and make progress in the industry at speed.

Start applying these suggestions and improve your online presence.  Now many Muay Thai training camps in Thailand such as are good example of internet marketing.  Many customers check the internet to find Muay Thai training camp.

Tips for starting and growing your online business

Starting and growing an online business isn’t easy, especially if you are not armed with the right knowledge or tools before jumping out. Even if you don’t have a thousand dollars to put into your business at first, you can start your online business right now and grow it into a giant on the internet.

When you want to start and grow your online business, there are some online services that you will need as well. Patronizing the right online services will go a long way to help you start your business easily. It will also contribute significantly to how quickly your business will grow. This is why you should read online reviews about the services you want to patronize to know if you should go ahead with patronizing the company providing the service or not. Here are tips for starting and growing your online business:

Build a mobile-friendly website

You must have a mobile-friendly website as a business owner. A lot of people browse the internet from their smartphones; only a few use the computer. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you will end up alienating half of your prospective customers. Ensure there are no flash videos on your website, optimize your images for phone, use larger buttons and icons that are easy to click, don’t clutter the navigation menu, your website should be functional on any device too.

Leverage social media

Social media has brought a lot of benefits to our lives, and you can key into it. You don’t have to spend money on social media and it is effective; you can create a value-packed profile, share original content, etc. that puts your business in front of several potential customers.

However, don’t make the mistake of just creating an account on social media and leaving it to itself. You have to work the account. You have to be active on the platform you choose and give the needed value. Also, know the right strategies for posting. For instance, images get more engagement on social media than regular text. Also, add sharing buttons to your content.

Serve your target audience

Know exactly what you want to do and the people you want to serve. The more streamlined your services are, the higher the quality of people you attract and the more the chances of selling to them. For instance, if you sell kitchen appliances, your target audience is not the kids in school or the teenagers in college.

They are mostly older suits who have a home or family and are interested in cooking. You cant sell to everyone because your product is not meant for everyone. So, targeting everyone is a great way to fail. Keep your focus streamlined and you will make more money and impact that way.

Diversify your business operations

As you start, it is okay to sell just a product or service, but you shouldn’t stop there. Part of growing a business is to diversify your operations. There is nothing wrong with having more products that enable you to help more people or make more money. Not putting all of your eggs in one basket is still valid advice in business. The more diversified your business is, the more flexible it is and the easier you adapt to changes. Some of the ways you can diversify your business operations are to expand your inventory to include more complimentary products, start a blog or Youtube channel about your business, etc. It may take some imagination to figure out the best way to diversify but it will be worth it.

Why Writing Fake Reviews Is Illegal

Online reviews have a substantial effect on purchases, but not all reviews are genuine. Fake reviews may impact companies of all sizes and types. An immigrant going to Italy for business should be careful of writing or hiring people to write bogus reviews for his/her business because writing fake reviews is illegal, and there are consequences attached to it if caught by the official. As a student, tourist or immigrant, you can use a fake review checker to spot a fake review.

Is writing a fake review illegal?

Fake Internet reviews are a breach of all company review sites’ terms of service. This allows you to take action to exploit or damage the credibility of your rivals by falsifying reviews.

It has consequences on customers when you write a fake review about your business or product. Reviews are taken as illegal following the ‘Guides on the Use of Advertising Endorsements and Testimonials’ by the Federal Trade Council (FTC).

The FTC considers it illegal to encourage fake reviews, even if the review is not positively needed. According to the guides, Advertisers (companies) and endorsers (customers who provide support) may be responsible for false or unfounded statements made in an endorsement or for not disclosing material links between the endorser and the advertiser.

It is vital to note that if you are going to Italy for the first time for a business, you should write or hire people to write fake reviews for your company; it is considered illegal. This might make you lose your business accreditation and be deported from the country.

The implications of fake reviews

Some companies write fake reviews to boost their reputations and businesses. This is the method to prepare or disseminate a fabricated analysis, also called “astroturfing” review, which is believed to be a neutral third-party testimony by a fair customer.

Astroturfing would not only breach the consumer’s trust in ratings. The reputation which other companies have worked so hard to create also is destroyed. If you have received fake reviews, the following could also happen to you and your brand.

  1. It may result in the suspension of your business listing.
  2. Fake online reviews can also lead to the prohibition of your business listing or website. This, however, will cause your search rankings to go down.
  3. You do not fulfil customer needs.
  4. Fake reviews by companies also risk deceiving your customers.
  5. You can lose a larger amount of your customer when your review does not match the customer’s experience, and your sales will also drop.
  6. It is also likely that if customers see similar updates slashed around the business list, consumers will view the list with suspicion.
  7. You may get Sued or Fined consumer advocacy groups and organizations, who are known to replicate false reviews from businesses.

Why You Should Get Genuine Feedback And Review

It is essential to form a strategy for honest reviews and forward-looking customer feedback instead of using fake reviews to boost the search rankings and attract new clients if you want your business to grow in Italy and last long. Learning how to identify fake online reviews also supports a good reputation online.

These advantages are of long-term benefit to your business, excluding the risks and repercussions of fake evaluations. Requiring feedback proactively improves your client relations and links your company to the most critical voices.


It is good to know if the fake review is illegal in Italy before going there for your business. Fake reviews are 100 per cent unfair in Italy. It is noticeable that online reviews influence nine out of ten consumers. A genuine review section on your site will not only increases your site credibility but sends Google signals, which can boost your keyword search rankings.

How To Choose Mobile Virtual Network Operator In Italy

Mobile virtual network operators, aka MVNO, are carriers that work on a bigger network like Verizon carriers, AT&T carriers, T-Mobile.

Do you plan to study, work, or relocate to Italy? You need the right mobile virtual network operator to enjoy your browsing history while you stay there. Selecting the right mobile virtual network operator is paramount in Italy, either as an ex-pat going to study or going to work. We all know the internet is life in today’s century.

There are so many options for the MVNO network that you do not even know where to begin. It seems like every package is the same, but you might go wrong. But don’t worry, this article will you in finding the best provider for your needs.

When you select a small carrier, you need to look at MVNOs, which will run best on the network(s), as they vary from network to network. Understanding which network coverage works best in the place you plan to study, or work will help you select the right MVNO.

Which Mobile Network Should You Choose?

When it comes to data, everyone has different needs. In reality, the biggest mobile network does not exist. There are some advantages and disadvantages for each provider, so it entirely depends on you.

You need your needs to be defined. It is important to be clear on what you need your network for before you buy a service. If you have no idea, it can be hard to find the right MVNO. It will help if you consider your unit’s compatibility.  Is your carrier running GSM or CDMA systems? Depending on your technology and infrastructure will help you in deciding which MVNO is more useful.

What to Consider When Selecting a Network

There are several items to remember before you pick a carrier. However, the most important aspects are coverage, speed, customer service and prices. It is also essential to monitor the terms and their clarity.

Here are a couple of questions you should answer yourself to help you choose the right MVNO.

· Which network has the best coverage in your area?

This may be the most critical feature to consider before choosing an operator. Being new in a particular environment, you need to study the best network coverage that works for that area. You can ask your colleagues in school if you have gone there for studies or colleagues in the workplace if you are going there to work. Also, your friends and families can help if you are going there for a visit.

If your area doesn’t have any signals, the fastest speed is useless. Seek reliable coverage by the operator in the area always. The majority of the MVNO selected depends on the network(s) it operates on.

At times, cheaper operators do better in some regions; the signal depends on the area. However, the more expensive network operators are better the quality.

· Which network has the fastest speed?

Another thing to consider should be speed. It is doubtful you experience a slow connection in Italy if you visit there for the first time. Most Italian carriers have a quality rate for an average customer. Typically, it’s 20mbps higher or more.

It makes sense to have a faster operator if your work needs more online physical presence or if you have to do heavy stuff online. But be sure to verify the other conditions.

· Which network has the best price?

As an ex-pat, it is noticeable that you will be looking for an MVNO that offers the best price. Nothing is wrong, but you should look at all the terms if you want to save some money to ensure there are no hidden extra expenses.

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